Occupations P




Makers of wooden shoes wit high heels (of wood or metal) designed to raise the feet above the level of mud on the streets

Pack Thread Spinner Operator of the machine which made thread or twine
Packer Packs goods such as pickles or herring
Packman Travelled around carrying goods for sale in a pack
Pad Maker Made small baskets used for measuring
Page Youth being trained for the medieval rank of knight and in the personal service of a knight or attendant upon someone of rank in the medieval period
Paintree Woman employed in the pottery industry to hand paint the finished articles
Paling Man Seller of eels
Palister One who ensured the parks were safe and well kept
Palmer One who had been, or pretended to have been, to the Holy Land
Pannier Man Fish monger
Pannifex Somebody who worked in the cloth trade
Panter Keeper of the pantry
Pantler Butler
Paperer Inserted the needles into the paper ready for sale in the needlemaking trade
Paper-Stainer One who made wallpaper
Pardoner Seller of indulgences
Parfumier / Perfumer Manufacturer and purveyor of scents such as perfumes, colognes and even incense
Pargeter Applied ornamental plaster to buildings
Paritor Church officer who attended the magistrates and justices at court for the pupose of executing their orders
Parker Park caretaker
Passage Keeper Kept passages and alleys clean
Pasteler Pastry chef
Pastor Shepherd
Paver / Paviour Laid paving stones
Pavyler Put up pavilions or tents etc
Pedascule Schoolmaster
Peeler Policeman, constable, bobby (from Sir Robert Peel founder of the police force)
Pelterer One who worked with animal skins
Perambulator Surveyor
Perchemear One who made parchment
Peregrinator Itinerant wanderer
Peruker Wigmaker
Pessoner Fish monger
Peterman Fisherman
Pettifogger Shyster lawyer
Petty Chapman Itinerant dealer in small goods, a pedlar
Pewterer Made pewter utensils (using any of various alloys having tin as chief component especially a dull alloy with lead)
Philosophical Instrument Maker One who made scientific instruments
Phrenologist Diviner of a person's character based on the bumps on a person's head
Picker One who cast the shuttle on a loom
Piecener / Piecer One who worked in a spinning mill, employed to piece together any threads which broke (usually a child or woman)
Pigman One who sold crockery or bred or looked after pigs on the farm
Pikelet Maker Baker who specialised in making pikelets (a small pancake or crumpet)
Pikeman Miller's assistant
Piker Tramp or vagrant
Piller Robber
Pilot Ship steersman
Pinder Dog catcher
Piner Laborer
Pinner Pin make
Pinner Up Dressmakers assistant or one who sold broadsheets or ballards in the streets
Pinsetter One who manually set up bowling pins before the advent of automated pinsetting machines
Piper Innkeeper
Pirn Winder Wound the yarn onto large wheel like bobbins which were then ready to feed the looms in a cotton mill
Pistor Baker
Pit Brow Lass Female worker who worked on the surface of the mines
Pitman Coal miner
Plain Worker Performed plain sewing or needlework as opposed to an embroiderer
Plaiter Maker of straw plaits used in making hats etc
Planker One who planks or kneads the body of the hat during felting
Platelayer Men who laid and maintained the railway tracks in Britain and the word actually predates railways being derived from the very old "plateways" which existed hundireds of years ago, mainly for moving coal
Playderer One who made plaid
Pleacher / Plaicher / Platcher / Plasher Hedge layer
Plowman Farmer
Plowwright Maker or repairer of plows
Plumassier / Plumer Made or sold plumes, ornamental feathers
Plumbum Worker Plumber
Pointer Sharpened needles or pins or lace maker
Pointmaker / Pointman Made the tips of laces
Pointsman Railway worker who operated the points, used to change the line on which the train was travelling
Poldave Worker Made poldave, a coarse fabric
Poleman Surveyor's assistant
Polentier Poulterer
Poller / Powler Barber
Ponderator Inspector of weights and measures
Portable Soup Maker Converted soup into a dry form for transporting from place to place
Porter Door or gatekeeper
Post Boy Carried mail from town to town, guard who travelled on the mail coach or outrider who travelled with the stagecoach as a postillion
Poster One who worked in the quarries breaking rocks
Postillion Attacher of extra horses to wagons & coaches to help them up hills
Pot Man / Boy One who worked in public houses washing and removing dirty pots also did other menial tasks
Potato Badger Seller of potatoes
Potter Maker or seller of pottery
Potter Carrier Chemist or pharmacist
Potter Thrower Potter who used a wheel and therefore had to throw the clay
Poulter A dealer in poultry and game
Power Loom Tuner One who maintained the loom in mills
Preceptress School mistress
Prentis Apprentice
Prick Louise Tailor
Pricker Used a type of wire brush to make small holes inside ceramic sewer pipe to prevent spalling during firing
Pricker Witch hunter, pattern maker or a horseman
Prig Napper Horse thief
Proctor Official of a university
Prop Bobby Worked in mines checking the pit props
Prothonary Law clerk
Publican Innkeeper
Puddler Worked clay into puddle, worked with puddle to make things water tight eg canal walls or worked in puddling iron
Pug Mill Operator Operated a machine for mixing clay and water, which then exuded a "pug" (a cylinder of clay of any diameter and indefinate length)
Puggard Thief
Pugger Produce clay paste by treading like grapes, usually women and children in brick manufacturing
Punky Chimney sweep
Purefinder Old women and young girls who went about the streets gathering dog droppings which were used for tanning leather
Purset Ship's officer in charge of provisions & accounts
Putter In Put things in to some form of mechanised process