Family Tree

My parents emigrated to Australia as part of the ten pounder's in the 1960's. They took with them two children and in Australia had two more.

I am the youngest, but was the only member of the family who could work out who goes where in the tree. That's how it all started and now here we are a family tree that started with 6 people and is now estimated at a family of 28,100 in June 2011 (and still counting).


This family history is dedicated to all my family (no matter how distant) interested in knowing where and who we have descended from. It lists all the information I have been able to collect on past members of our intriguing family. The document was originally started in October 1992. I have found a few surprises. Surprises like finding my half sister Christine Doyle and finding a photo of Thomas Ernest Miller with King Edward VII, that Jemima Scott was a Vocalist and even the family murder of Rose Anne Harsant in Peasenhall in 1902. In the end all I can say is it has captured my imagination for years.

It is my hope that in future years it will be added to and kept as a living document. In tracing this tree I have spoken to every member of the family I have been able to find, trawled through thousands of pages in the record books, asked many questions on web pages, and finally looked on countless internet pages. I hope that as the years go by more information will become available on past members and that no one will be over looked.