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Parish Records

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The "Double Date"

Up to the time of the reform of the calendar in 1754, the civil year commenced on 25th March, while the historical year, as now, began on 1st January. Consequently the period from 1st January to 25th March was in two years. Thus, the 1st February 1732, according to the civil year, was the 1t February 1733, according to (historical) reckoning, and it is often written 1st February 1732-3, or 173 2/3, the last one being the historical one. In parish registers the civil reckoning was usually adopted, and this must be remembered when dealing with entries from 1st January to 25th March, before the year 1754.


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Church Information

Below you will see links to some of the church's our past family members have attended, been christened, married or buried in. Some information is also included:-

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