a. Aged
aff. (or afft.) Affidavit (see Act of 1678)
b. Bachelor (or born)
bap. Baptized
bd. Bastard
bur. Buried
chr Christened
ch.w. Churchwardens
clerk. Clericus (clerk)
co. County
d. Daughter
dioc. Diocese
esq. Esquire
f. Filius or filia (son or daughter)
Gard. Gardiani (guardian)
gent. (or gen.) Gentleman
inf. (or inft.) Infant
lic. License
mar. Married
nup. Nupti (married)
p. (or par.) Parish
P. (or pau.) Pauper
s. Son
sep. Sepultus (burial)
sp. Spinster
str. ? Stranger
ux. Uxor (wife)
vid Vidus (widowed / unmarried)
w. Wife
wid Widow
widr Widower
wit (or W.) Witnesses

A capital letter after 'of' or 'p.' denotes the parish whose particular Register is being printed (thus 'of A' = of Albrighton).



The word 'pauper' does not necessarily imply poverty, but that the duty imposed by Act of Parliament on registering births, deaths and marriages, was not paid.