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John Stanley Chelmick - Sometimes children can be found in orphanage's but the parents are not dead why is that??




-----MARTIN HARSANT 1718----------------


William Goodwin of Street Farm, Earl Soham.
Diaries dated from 1785-1810. Vol. I.. HD 365/1.
Transcribed by Mrs. J. Rothery of Earl Soham, August 2001
The following Miscellany of Occurrences Persons and Curiosities was began in the Year 1785 by Wm. Goodwin of Earl Soham Surgeon and is intended as an Universal repository and Chronology.

18th Mr Martin Harsant Died this morning early, very suddenly from a pain in his Stomach - ag’d 71 - He went to Bed in unusual Spirits counting how happy He would be next Day at a Feast -

WILL OF MARTIN HARSANT of Earl Soham dated 1789 (9th July)
Ann wife, son Martin Executors to pay marriage bond?
Brother in law Jonathan Seaman of Thorndon Suffolk, Farmer and Friend Robert Ashford of Earl Soham, Farmer are the executor
property in Earl Soham and Brandeston
Daughters Ann, Mary £400 each
Daughter Rose £300
mentions their husbands (but no names)
WILL is excuted 1790



He mentiones the marriage contract made with his wife ANN which he ratifies.

Son MARTIN was to pay ANN an annuity of £6 for her life.
His brother-in-law JONATHAN SEAMAN of Thorndon, farmer and his friend ROBERT ASHFORD of Earl Soham, farmer were to be executors. They were to sell the freehold and copyhold parts of his estates in Earl Soham and Brandeston and also all his goods, furniture and stock etc. Out of the money arising, daughters ANN and MARY were to have £400 each and daughter ROSE was to have £300. Son Martin was to have the remainder.
The Will was made 9 July 1789 and proved 18 Jan 1790.
Personal estate not £400 but near that sum.
(N.B. Son JOHN was not mentioned in this will. Perhaps he had died already. Could he have been the John who died in Framlingham in 1780?)




--------------JOHN HARSANT 1713 --------------


Is this him??

Catalogue Ref. FC105
Church of England, Brandeston Parish, Suffolk



FILE - Bundle - ref. FC105/G1/1 - date: 1750-1870
item: Appointment of John Harsant and John Revett as overseers for Brandeston, 24th April, 1750. - ref. FC105/G1/1/6 [n.d.]


Is it possible that this is the father of John Harsant No 5083 father of the Harsnt/Lee tree



WILL of John Harsant, Gent, of Brandeston, Suffolk dated 12 October 1776

Elizabeth his wife
John his son (oldest)
Elizabeth (his daugher) (under 21 at time of Will)
Thomas (his second son)
Mary (his daugher) (under 21 at time of Will)
Henry (his youngest son)
**** property in Cretingham and Fransden (Suffolk) and Earl Soham
**** property in Franlingham
His wife and executors to be guardians to his daughters

Will executed 6 Nov 1778 at Brandeston


John Harsant, gent, a respectable inhabitant of this parish, 10 Nov 1778, age 65 (therefore born C1713)


John Harsant of Brandeston. 1778

He was a gent.
He left to his eldest son JOHN, freehold and copyhold messuages etc. in Brandeston, he to pay annuities to wife Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth.
He left to his second son Thomas, meassuages and alnds in Cretingham and Framsden, he to pay an annuity to daughter Mary.
He left to his youngest son Henry lands and hereditaments in Earl Soham.
A meassuage in Framlingham was to be sold for payment of debts etc.
The Rev. William Clubbe and Mr William Turner of Brandeston and wife Elizabeth were to be executors and guardians of his daughters during their minority.
Will made 12 Oct 1776 and proved 26 Nov 1778
(N.B. All of these children were baptised at Brandeston, the earliest being that of John in 1762. It would seem that John had no children by his first marriage - possibly because his first wife was rather old when she married.)