Dream Book of Percival d'Harsant

Excerpt from the Dream Book of Percival d'Harsant, as transcribed by A F Maplewood, 1735

Associations between Numbers and Things dreamed of.

The Good Lord's Natural Numbers:

1 Sturdy vegetables, especially carrots.
2 Birds on the wing.
3 A lost love, deep yearning.
4 Travel by horseback at easy pace.
5 Bright natural light, strong sunbeams.
6 Angels.
7 Crowds of people, standing and walking.
8 Learning, books, libraries, study.
9 Small stones, less than a bird's egg.

The Devil's number:

0 Falling, dying, helplessness.

Numbers of the Reckoning Clerks:

10 Mechanical contrivances, clockwork.
20 Domestic animals: pigs, horses, goats, dogs.
30 Clothing of dull colours.
40 A river, flowing water.
50 Houses, a village.