A Twin Thing

During my research I have found a fair few pairs of twins in the family. There is of course my son and daughter and my gran and her twin sister (pictured above). My cousin June has a set of twin girls also.

I have also just found out in the last few days (13 January 2006) that both my mother's grandmother's had twins in the year 1906. There was the twins above but also a set of boy/girl twins called George and Alice Byram. Unfortunately George died at a few weeks old so until recently he was not in the tree. But he has now been put in his rightful place.

But during my research I have found a few more twins in the tree like the Taylor boys from America or the Pendle girls that are believed to be twins. The Highfield family has a fair few pairs of twins too. How many are we going to find? Only time will tell.

Keep checking this space.

With my cousin June and myself we knew we were having twins with the help of modern medicine and neo-natal scans etc. But what must it have been like for my great gran's in 1906 going into labor and then finding out she was having not just one baby but two. Did she know before hand? Did she suspect - we will never know.

Twin List