Pendle Tree


The PENDLE (or PENDAL) family has moved and spread in the last few generations. Moving to Australia, America and Canada, and perhaps other places. But the family started in Suffolk around the area of Bardwell. But has been associated with Elmswell, Horham and Worthlingworth.


My side of the tree has spelt the name PENDLE in modern times but other branches of the family spell it PENDAL. These are the two most common variants of the name but others have been found. It is hoped that the spelling will now stay the same.


One of the items I have for this family is several Parish Church Records and a few Bastardy Order's. Have a look for these in the People link under Legal Documents.

Does anyone know about the epic journey made by one of the Pendal clan from England to Australia.

Also on this journey was Emma Pendal who was following her heart in the hope of joining her loved one.

And finally the Pendle sportsman.