Parish Records

History of Parish Registers

29th Sept 1538
Thomas Cromwell, the Vicar General, issued the order for keeping parish registers
1552 and 1558
The previous injunction was repeated
Cardinal Pole required the names of sponsors to be added to the register of baptisms
25th Oct 15?7
The registers were directed to be transcribed anew on parchment, copies known as "Bishops' Transcripts" to be sent to the Bishop
These regulations were embodied in the 70th Canon
The "Directory" orders births as well as baptisms to be entered
22nd Sep 1653
The commonwealth directed "parish registers" to be appointed
29th Sep 1654
Civil marriage was instituted
These civil marriages were legalized by Act of 12 Car. II, c. 33.
Act compelling burial in woollen (under a penalty of 50 shillings), 18 Car. II
Act requiring an affidavit of burial in woollen to be entered, 30 Car. II.
1694 to 1698
Duties on the registrations of births, marriages and burials imposed for these five years, 6 Will. III
25th Mar 1754
Lord Hardwiche's Marriage Act took effect
Duty of 3d. on every entry in a register, imposed by 23 Geo. III. c. 71
And repealed 34 Geo. III. c. 11
1st Jan 1813
Rose's Act, 52 Geo. III, c. 146. took effect
1st July 1837
Civil registration commenced

Once Civil Registration commenced the keeping or checking of parish records was superceded by the commencement of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates.