Occupations W



Wabster Weaver
Wadsetter Under Scottish law a creditor to whom a wadset is made; a wadset is a right, by which lands, or other heritable subjects, are impignorated by the proprietor to his creditor in security of his debt
Wagoner Wagon or cart driver
Wailer One employed in the mines to remove the impurities from the coal
Wainwright Builder or repairer of wagons
Wait / Wakeman Night watchman
Walker / Waulkmiller Cloth worker
Waller One who built walls either brick or dry stone, also a person who worked making coarse salt
Wanter / Wantcatcher Mole catcher
Warder In charge of prisoners
Warehouseman In charge of or employee in a warehouse
Warper Set the warp thread on the looms or employed to move boats by hauling on the warps (the ropes attached to the boats)
Warrener In charge of a portion of land used for breeding rabbits and other small game
Washman Tin coater
Wasteman Checked the old workings for gas and maintaining them in the mines or employed to remove waste
Watch Finisher Assembled watches and clocks
Watchman Town official who guarded the streets at night
Water Bailiff Official in charge of the fishing rights on a stretch of water
 Water Carrier Carted and sold fresh water
Water Gilder Trapped water fowl
Water Leader Transported and sold fresh drinking water
 Waterman Worked with or on boats usually on rivers
Wattle Hurdle Maker Made a type of fence from wattle to keep the sheep in
Way Man Surveyor of roads
Way-Maker Employed to make roads
Weatherspy Astrologer
Wester / Webber Weaver (originally a female weaver)
 Weigher Worked on the docks to weigh the cargo as it was unloaded
Well Sinker Dug wells
Well Wright Made the winding equipment used to raise the bucket in the well
Wellmaster One in charge of the local well with the responsibility of ensuring clean water for the village
Wet Glover Made leather gloves
Wet Nurse Woman employed to suckle the child of another (common practice with the rich)
Wetter Dampened paper during the printing process or in the glass industry who detached the glass by wetting
Whacker Horse or oxen team driver
Wharfinger Owner of a wharf
 Wheel Tapper Railway worker who checked for cracked wheels by striking them with a long handled hammer and listening for a clear ring
Wheeler Wheel maker, attended to the spinning wheel in the textile industry and one who led the pit ponies that pulled the tubs underground in the mines
Wheelwright / Wright Maker or repairer of wagon wheels
Wheeryman In charge of a wheery (a small light rowing boat)
 Whig Horse driver (Scottish term)
Whipcord Maker / Whipmaker Made whips
 Whipperin Managed the hounds in a hunt
White Limer Plastered walls using lime and water plaster
 Whitear Hide cleaner
Whitener / Whitester / Whitster One who bleached cloth
Whitening Roll Maker Made the whitening used in whitening walls of cottages
Whitesmith A maker of tin utensils - sepcially those used in dairying operations
Whitewing Streetsweeper
Whitster Bleacher of cloth
Whittawer One who made saddles and harness or preparer of white leather
Willow Plaiter / Weaver One who made baskets etc
Windster Silk winder
Woodbreaker One who made wooden water casks
Woodranger / Wood Reever In charge of the forest or woods
Woodward Keeper of wood or forest having charge of the growing timber
Wool Driver One who brought the wool to market
Wool Factor Wool merchants agent
Wool Man / Wool Sorter / Stapler One who sorted the wool into different grades
Wool Winder One who made up balls of wool for selling
Woolcomber Operated machines that separate the fibres ready for spinning in woolen industry
Woolen Billy Piecer Worked in the woolen mills to piece together the broken yarns
Woolsted Man A seller of woollen cloth (from worsted man)
Worsted Manufacturer One who made worsted
Wright Builder or repairer
Wyrth Labourer