Occupations S



Saddle Tree Maker One who made the frames for saddles that the saddler used
Saddler One who made saddles, harnesses, horse collars, bridles
Saggar Maker / Sagger Maker One who made the fireclay containers in which the stoneware was placed ready for firing
Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker Was the saggar maker's assistant who tapped the bottom of the pots
Saloonist Saloon keeper
Salt Boiler One who obtained salt by boiling water
Salter / Drysalter / Saucer Salt was of great importance in the past as the main food preservation. A salter was a maker of or dealer in sale
Sand Hog Those who dug the tunnel under the river
Sandesman Ambassador or messenger
Sandwichman Wears a sandwich billboard for advertising
Sarcinet Weaver Silk weaver
Sawbones Physician
Saw Doctor Made, repaired, maintained and sharpened a wide range of cutting tools and saw blades and also maintained and aligned mechanical parts of a range of production machines
Sawyer Saws timber to boards
Say Weaver One who made Say, material used for table cloths or bedding
Scagiola Maker One who made imitation marble
Scaleraker / Scavenger Employed by the parish to clean the streets
Scappler One who roughly shaped the stone prior to being finished by the stonemason
Scavelman Employed to keep the waterways and ditches clear
Schrimpschonger Artisan who carves in bone, ivory, or wood
Schumacker Shoemaker
Scotch Draper / Scotchman Sold goods door to door with payment to be made by installments
Screener Screened the ore at the mines surface
Scribbler Employed in a scibbling mill where the wool was roughly carded before spinning
Scribe Clerk
Scriber Employed at the docks to mark the cotton bales with the approximate weight ready for selling by the brokers
Scribler A minor or worthless author
Scrimer Fencing master
Scripture Reader Employed by the local clergy to go from house to house reading parts of the bible to try and encourage people to attend church, also read scriptures during some services
Scrivener He was a clerk who specialised in drawing up bonds etc. At a time when many people were illiterate, he offered an important service to the community
Scrutineer Election judge
Scullery Maid Female servant who performed all the menial tasks
Scullion Male servant who performed all the menial tasks
Scutcher Beat the flax to soften the straw in the bundles
Seal Presser Employed in the glass industry to seal the bath against air intake which could spoil the finished surface
Searcher Customs man
Searcher One made watch springs
Secret Springer Skilled workman who applied sedge (type of grass) which was used as an early roofing material
Sedgeman Sower of seeds
Seedsman Maker of leather thongs
Self-Acter Minder A person who looked after a self-acting 'mule' in a spinnning machine
Sempster Seamstress
Seneschal A senior steward at the Manor
Sewer Hunter Scavenger who concentrated on the sewers trying to find valuable objects
Sewer Rat Bricklayer who specialised in making and repairing sewers and tunnels
Sewing Clerk Collector of clothing piecework
Sewster Seamstress
Sexton Employee or officer of a church who cared and upkept church property and sometimes rang bells and dug graves
Shagreen Case Maker One who worked with shagreen leather
Shanty Man Lumberman
 Sharecropper Tenant farmer who would be paid with part of the crop
Shearer Removed the fleece from sheep
Sheargrinder Sharpened shears, scissors
Shearman / Sherman Shearer of cloth, metal
Sheath Maker One who made scabbards for swords
Sheepmaker Sheep herder
Shepster Dressmaker
Shingler A roof tiler who used wooden tiles (shingles)
Ship Husband Repairer of ships while in harbor
Ship Master Owner or captain of a ship
Shipwright Constructor or repairer or ships
Shoe Finder Seller of shoe maker's tools
Shoe Wiper Servant who polished shoes
Shoesmith Cobbler, one who shoed horses
Shot Firer One in charge of blasting in mines or quarries
Shrager One who trimmed and pruned trees
Shrieve Sheriff
Shuffler Yardman on the farms
Shunter One who moved rolling stock around the railway yards
Shuster Shoe maker
Shuttle Maker Made the shuttles for the weaving mills
Sickleman Reaper
Sidesman One who assisted the churchwarden
Silk Dresser Prepared the silk for weaving
Silk Engine Turner Turned the wheel on automatic silk weaving looms
Silk Mercer Sold silk cloth and items made from silk
Silk Thrower Worker in the silk industry
Silk Twister Silk spinner
Silker Sewed the ends of the fabric to prvent the layers from separating
Silversmith Worked with silver
Simpler Agriculturist that we would call herbalist today
Sissor / Cissor Tailor
Sizer Applied the size to cloth or worked in a paper mill
Skeiner Maker Made wheels used in spinning industry upon which yarn was wound
Skepper / Skelper One who made and sold beehives
Skinker Tapster in an ale house
Skinner Dealer in hides, mule driver
Skipmaker One who made the skips used in mining and quarrying for moving men or materials to the surface
Skipper Master of a ship
Slapper / Slaper One who worked in a pottery preparing the clay for the potter
Slater Roofer
Slaymaker Apparently an Old English name meaning maker of slay's--wooden pegs used in weaving
Slopseller Seller of readymade clothes in a slop shop
Slubber Operated the machine used to prepare cotton for spinning
Slubber Doffer Removed the bobbins from the spindles in the mills
Smackman Worked on a sailing ship (as a sloop or cutter) used chiefly in coasting and fishing
Smallware Maker Who made smallware, e.g. tapes, braids etc
Smelter Worker in a metal smelter, smelt fisherman
Smiddy Smith
Smith Metal worker
Smugsmith Smuggler
Snapper Worker in glass factory who placed molded bottle (by neck) into furnace hole
Snobscat One who repair shoes
Snuffer Maker Made the candle snuffer
Soap Boiler / Soper Soap maker
Sojourner Clothier Travelling clothes salesman
Solicitor Lawyer
Sortor Tailor
Souter Shoe maker
Spallier Tin worker who performs chiefly menial tasks
Sperviter Keeper of sparrows
Spicer Grocer or dealer in spices
Spinner Spins yarn
Splitter Operated a splitting machine or one who split things by hand, e.g. stone, timber etc
Spooner Made spoons
Spurrer / Spurrier Maker of spurs
Squire / Esquire Practitioner of a profession, a gentleman
Stabler Ostler
Stallman Keeper of a market stall
Stampman Worker of an ore crushing machine
Stapler One who sorted the wool into different grades
Stationer Bookseller, seller of paper & writing implements
Statist Politician
Stay Maker Corset maker
Steeple Jacker Painted flag poles etc
Steersman Ship's helmsman
Stenterer Operated the cloth finishing machine
Step Boy Employed to help passengers to enter or leave the coach
Stevedore Laborer who unloads and loads ships' cargoes
Steward Manager of property, purveyor of supplies or someone who attended passengers on conveyance
Sticher One who does decorative stitching
Stockinner / Stockinger A person who worked at a stocking hand loom or a stocking weaver or framework knitter
Stoker Tends the fire of an engine boiler
Stone Picker Employed to remove the stones from the farmers fields before planting
Stone Workers Worked with stone eg masons, quarriers etc
Stoneman / Stonewarden A surveyor of highways
Storeman One responsible for stored goods
Stowyer One who stowed the nets away on fishing boats
Stravaiger Vagrant
Straw Joiner One who thatched roofs
Straw Plaiter One who made straw braids for the hat industry
Streaker One who prepared the body for burial
Street Orderly / Boy Street cleaner
Striker Blacksmiths helper or harpooned the whale
Stringer Made the strings for bows
Stripper Employed in the woollen trade to remove the rubbish from the carding machines
Stuff Gowsman Junior barrister
Stuff Weaver Wove stuff (the coarse part of flax)
Sucksmith One who made ploughshares
Sumner Summoner or apparitor
Sumpter Porter
Supercargo Officer on merchant ship in charge of cargo
Sutler Followed soldiers to encampments, set up tents to sell supplies, foodstuffs and dry goods, ie merchant or peddler in an army camp
Swailer Miller or dealer in grain
Swain Herdsman
Sweep Chimneysweep
Swell Maker One who made shallow baskets
Swineyard / Swineherder Pig keeper
Swingler One who beats flax to remove woody parts
Sword Cutler Sword maker