Occupations H



Haberdasher Seller of men's clothing
Hacker Maker of hoes
Hackler / Hackman / Heckler One who separated the coarse part of flax or hemp with a hackle, an instrument with teeth in linen industry
Hackney Man Renter of horses & carriages
Hair Seating / Curled Hair Merchant Dealer in horse-hair stuffing used in upholstery
Hairweaver / Hairman Weaver of cloth composed wholly or partly of horsehair
Halbert Carrier Soldier or halberdier, armed with a halberd, a combination spear and battleaxe (a ceremonial officer)
Hammerman Hammerer, a smith
Handle Sticker Put handles on cast ceramic cups, pitchers, etc
Handseller Street vendor
Handwoman Midwife or female attendant
Hankyman A travelling magician in Victorian/Edwardian England
Hansard Weapon maker or seller
Harlot Vagabond, beggar, rogue, 14th century male servant, attendant or menial, and 15th century, loose woman
Harmer Beck Constable
Harper Performer on the harp
Hatchler Combed out or carded flax
Hatter Maker of or dealer in hats
Hawker A travelling salesman who carries his wares
Haymonger Dealer in hay
Hayward Fence viewer
Headsman Executioner
Headswoman Midwife
Heald Knitter Operator of a machine which produced a jersey type of fabric as opposed to woven fabric
Heck Maker Maker of a part of a spinning machine by which the yarn is guided to the reels
Hedge Looker Supervised good repair of fence and enclosures
Hedger Hedge trimmer
Heelmaker Made shoe heels
Hellier / Hillier A slater or tiler
Helper-up Young boy employed in Durham pits to help other workers
Hempheckler Flax worker
Henchman Horseman or groom
Henter Thief
Hetheleder Provider of heather for fuel
Hewer Miner who cut coal, stone, etc., a face worker in a mine
Higgler An itinerant dealer usually with horse and cart
Highwayman Robber who preys on public roads
Hillard / Hiller / Hillier Covered houses with slate; tiler
Hind A farm labourer or household servant
Hired Man Gardener, farmhand, or stableman
Hobbler Boat tower on a river or canal
Hodsman Mason's assistant
Hoggard Pig drover
Holster Groom who took care of horses
Honey Dipper Extracted raw sewage from catch basins and out-houses
Hoofer Dancer
Hooker 16th century reaper, 19th century worker in textile industry who operated a machine which laid fabric flat in uniform folds of any required length
Hooper Makes hoops for casks (not a cooper)
Horner Worker in horn making spoons, combs, or musical horns
Horse Courser Owner of race horses
Horse Knave Groom
Horse Leech Veterinarian, farrier
Horse Marine Man-handled barges on canals when horses could not be used
Horse-Capper Dealer in worthless horses
Horse-Hair Curler Dressed horse hair which was used extensively in the upholstery trade
Hosier Retailer of stockings, socks, gloves, nightcaps
Hosteller Innkeeper
Hostler / Ostler Cares for horses, stableman, groom, repairer or railway engines
Hotpresser Worker in paper or textile industries where product was pressed between glazed boards and hot metal plates to obtain a smooth and shiny surface
House Joiner House framer
House Wright House builder
Howdy Wife Midwife
Hoyman One who carries goods and passengers by water (Hoy - small coastal vessel or sloop)
Huckster A street seller of ale (often a woman) or a retailer of small wares in a shop or booth
Huissher Usher or door attendant
Hurdleman / Hurdler Hedge-maker, of wattled framework fencing
Hurriers Term applied to the girls aged 5-18 who were employed as coal-drawers in the coal industry
Husbandman A tenant farmer
Hush Shop Keeper Brewed and sold beer without a license (usually as a side line)