Occupations D



Daguerreotype Artist

Early name for a photographer (from the Daguerreotype method)
Dairyman Worker or owner of a dairy farm or seller of dairy products
Damster Builder of dams for logging purposes
Danter Female overseer in the winding rooms of a silk mill
Dateler / Day Man / Daytaleman Casual worker, usually employed by the day
Deathsman Executioner

Decimer / Dozener

Elected by the householders in a street to act as their representative at the borough's Court Leet
Decoyman Employed to decoy the wild fowl, animals etc into a trap or within shooting range
Decretist Knowledgeable in decrees, decretals
Deemer / Deemster / Demster / Dempster Judge, usually in the Channel Isles or Isle of Man
Delver Dug ditches
Depater Precious metal refiner
Deputy Safety officer for the pit crew in the mining industry


Worked on an oil well handling the tubes and rods used in drilling
Devil Printer's errand boy
Deviller Operated the devil, a machine that tore rags used in the textile industry
Dexter Was a dyer

Dey Wife

Female dairy worker
Dikeman / Dykeman Hedger or ditcher
Dipper Who worked in the pottery trade and was responsible for the glazing of items
Dish Turner Who made wooden bowls or dishes
Disher / Dish Thrower Who made bowls and dishes
Distiller Maker of alcoholic beverages
Distributor Parish official attached to the workhouse / poorhouse who looked after the secular needs of the poor

Dock Master

In charge of a dockyard
Docker / Dock Walloper Dock worker, longshoreman
Dog Leech Veterinarian
Dog-Whipper Drove dogs away in a village
Domesman Judge
Domestic Household servant
Donkey Boy / Donkey Man Driver of a carriage for passengers
Door Keeper Guard, janitor, or porter
Doubler Operated a machine used to twist together strands of fibre (cotton, wool etc)
Dowser / Diviner Water finder
Dragman Fisher man who fished by dragging a net along the bottom of the water
Dragoman Acted as interpreter or guide in Turkish or Arabic
Dragoon Mounted infantryman
Dragsman Driver of a small stage coach or carriage used for public transport or private hire
Drainer Made drains
Draper Dealer in fabrics and sewing needs
Drawboy Weavers assistant in the shawl making mills , they sat atop the looms and lifted the heavy warps
Drayman Cart driver
Dredgerman One who in a boat to collect the bits and pieces that had fallen overboard from other vessels which then were sold (London occupation)
Dresser One who dresses another, surgeon's assistant and also one who operated a machine which prepared threads in the textile industry
Dressing Machine Maker Made sewing machines
Drift Makera Made drift nets, used in the fishing industry
Dripping Man Dealer in dripping (the fat collected during the cooking of meats)
Driver Slave overseer
Drover Sheep or cattle driver
Drugger Pharmacist
Drummer Traveling salesman
Dry Salter Dealer in pickles, dried meats, and sauces or a dealer in dyes and colors used in the dying trade
Dry Stone Waller / Dry Stane Dyker Built stone walls usually using the stones removed from the fields as building materials. The art was in not using any cement or mortar and generally not cutting the stone, but being able to see where variuos stones would fit together
Dubbere Cloth dubber, i.e., one who raises the nap of cloth
Duffer Peddler of cheap goods
Dustman Collected domestic refuse
Dyer Employed in the textile mills to color fabric prior to weaving
Dyker Scottish term for a stonemason