Occupations C



Caddie Messenger or errand boy
Caddy Butcher Butcher that dealt in horse meat
Cadger A carrier or pedlar of small wares by means of horse and cart. The word also refers to a street seller or a beggar
Cafender Carpenter
Caffler Rag and bone collector
Cainer Made walking sticks
Caird Another term for a tinker
Calciner Burnt bones to make powdered lime
Calender Listed documents
Calenderer / Calenderman / Calender Worker Operated a machine which pressed using two large rollers (calender) used to press and finish fabrics or paper
Calico Printer Dyed and colored calico
Cambist Banker
Cambric Maker Made a fine linen or cotton fabric called cambric
Camerist Lady's maid
Camister Minister of the cloth
Camlet Merchant Seller of camlet, cloth used to make cloaks & petticoats
Campaner Bell maker
Cancellarius Chancellor
Candle Maker / Candler Who made and sold candles
Candy Man Traveling candy salesman and also slang name for a baliff
Caner / Chair Bottomer Made the seats for chairs out of woven cane
Cannaller Canal boat worker
Canter Religious speaker who uses cant
Canting Caller Auctioneer
Canvaser Made canvas
Caper Cap maker
Capillaire Maker Made orange flavored syrup
Capitalist Investor
Capper / Cap Maker Made caps usually worn by the working class
Captain In charge of a ship or a group of soldiers and also term for an overseer
Card Nailer / Nailora Maintained the teeth (nails) on the carding machine used for preparing wool and cotton for weaving
Carder Cards wool
Cardmaker Maker of cards or instruments for combing wool
Cardroomer Term for anyone who worked in the carding room of the mills
Caretaker Takes care of another's property
Carman / Charman / Carter / Carrier Drove a vehicle used to transport goods
Carner Granary keeper
Carnifex Butcher
Carpentarious Carpenter
Carry-in-boy Took finished bottled (products) to the tempering oven
Cart Wheeler Made cart wheels
Carter Carries or conveys in or as if in a cart
Cartographer Map maker
Cartomancer Fortune teller who used cards
Cartwright Maker of carts & wagons
Cashmarie Sold fish usually at inland markets
Caster / Castora Made small bottles used for sprinkling salt, pepper, sugar etc
Castrator Who castrated farm animals aka gelder
Catagman Cottager
Catchpole / Catchpolla Sheriff's assistance or bailiff
Catechista Teacher of religion
Cattle Jabber Buys and sells cattle
Caulker Filled up cracks (in ships or windows) or seams to make them watertight
Ceiler Puts up the ceilings in buildings
Cellarman Looked after the beer, wines and spirits in public houses or the warehouse
Cemmer Hand combed the yarn before weaving
Chaff Cutter Made chaff by cutting straw
Chafferer Dealer in chaff
Chair Bodger Traveling chair repairman
Chaise Maker Made carts from wicker
Chaloner Dealer in shalloon, a material made in Chƒlons
Chamber Master Shoemaker that worked from home as an outworker or selling direct
Chamberlain Steward to either royalty or nobility, in charge of the household
Chambermaid Female servant attending to bedrooms in houses or inns
Chandler Candle seller, grocer, provisioner, usually associated with provisioning ships
Chanty Man Sailor that led the singing of shanties on board ship
Chapeler Made and sold hats
Chapman / Ceapman A pedlar and dealer in small wares
Charcoal Burner Made charcoal usually in the woods where the trees were cut
Chartmaster Middleman that negotiated mining contracts and suppiled the labour
Charwoman Cleaning woman
Chatelaine Mistress of a castle or house
Chaunter Street entertainer who sung ballads
Cheese Factor / Cheesman / Cheeser Monger Dealer in cheeses
Chiffonier Wig maker or ragpicker
Childbed Linen Warehouse Keeper / Dealer Hired bedlinen for childbirth as most children were born at home
Chimney Sweep Chimney cleaner
Chinglor Rooftiler who used wooden shingles
Chip Shipwright or carpenter
Chippers Labourer Assistant to a shipwright or ships carpenter
Chiropodist Treats diseases of the feet & hands
Chirugion / Chirurgeon Apothecary or surgeon (usually learned by apprenticeship)
Chowder Fish monger
Chronologist Recorded official events of historical importance
Cinder Wench Female who collected the cinders from gas works and sold them door to door
Clarker Magician/astrologer
Clapman Town crier
Clark Clerk
Classman A term used particularly in Suffolk in the 1840's to describe unemployed labourers
Claviger Servant
Clay Carrier Assistant to the shot firer in the pits
Clayman / Cleyman Worked in the clay pits usually preparing the clay for making bricks and also one who coated the outside of buildings with clay to make them water proof
Clericus Clerk
Clerk Clergyman or cleric
Clicker Worked in the shoe trade cutting out the uppers made the shoelace holes and one in charge of the final stage of layout before printing in printing industry
Clipper / Clipper On / Clipper Off Attached the coal carts to the wire or rope which was used to drag the carts to and from the coal face
Clod Hopper Plowman
Clogger Maker of wooden shoes
Cloth Lapper Took the cloth from the carding machine readied it for the next process
Cloth Linter Removed unwanted threads and lint from the finished material
Clothier / Clothesman / Clothman Who made or sold clothes
Clouter / Clower Made nails also another term for a shoemaker for the former term
Coachman / Coach Drive Drove any coach
Coal Backer Carried the sacks of coal from the coal barge to the coal wagons
Coal Burner Made charcoal
Coal Draver Worked in the mines pushing or dragging the coal carts to the bottom of the pit
Coal Heaver Unloaded coal
Coalman / Coal Merchant / Coal Higgler Sold coal usually from a horse and cart, house to house
Coal Runner Attended the coal carts underground
Coal Whipper Unloaded coal from ships using baskets attached to a simple form of crane
Coalmeter Measured the coal
Coast Surveryor / Waiter Customs officer who watched over the ofloading off goods on the coast
Cobbler Shoemaker
Cobleman Used a flat bottomed boat for fishing
Cocus Cook
Cod Placer Put fire proof containers which held the pottery for firing into the kiln
Cohen A priest
Coiner Worked at the mint stamping out coins
Collar Maker Made horse collars and one who made shirt collars
Collier Originally a charcoal later the name came to mean a coal miner or coal-ship
Colonus Latin for farmer or husbandman
Colour Man Mixed the dyes in the textile trade and also assistant to a house painter
Colourator / Coloratora Worked with dyes
Colporteur Traveling Bible or religious book salesman
Comb Maker Made combs either for the textile industry for combing wool etc. or the maker of hair combs
Comber / Combere Combs wool
Compositor Set the type ready for printing
Conder/ Conner Gave steering instructions to the steersman and also gave directions to inshore fisherman of fish movements on shoals (usually from the top of cliffs or rocks)
Coney Catcher Rabbit catcher
Confectioner Candy maker
Conner Inspector or tester
Cooper / Cuper These were makers and repairers of barrels and other wooden vessels such as tubs, buckets etc
Copeman / Coper Originally he was a dealer, but by the 18th century the word had come to mean a receiver of stolen goods
Copperbeater / Copperbeter Coppersmith
Coppersmith Worked with copper
Coracle Maker Made coracles, a small round boat used for fishing
Cordiner / Cordwainer / Corviner / Corvisor Originally a term used for one who worked with Cordovan (a special leather from Spain) Then became a term used for a worker in all leather from leather bottles and shoes to horse harnesses
Costermonger Originally he was a seller of apples. It later became a general term for a seller of fruit and vegetables from a barrow
Coster Wife Female fruit seller
Cotiler Cutler
Cottar He was a cottager with a small landholding, obliged to provide labour on the estate of the lord of the manor
Couper One who buys and sells, especially in cattle and horses. Sometimes used in combination, e.g. a horse-couper or a herring-couper. Confusion can arise from it being misspelt 'cooper'
Couranteer Journalist
Cowherd Cow tender
Cowkeeper Kept one or more cows (a common source of livelihood in cities) when a cow was kept in the back yard of a house, providing milk which was sold at the front door or window, forerunner of the local dairy
Coxwain Ship or boat helmsman
Cratch Maker Made cratches (mangers, cribs, or frames) for hay
Crier Law court officer, auctioneer, town announcer
Crimper Member of navy press gang
Crocker Potter
Crofter Tenant of a small piece of land
Cropper Tenant who is paid with a share of the crop
Crosier / Crozier Bearer of the pastoral staff of a bishop or the bearer of the cross before the archbishop in the church
Crowner Coroner
Cuhreur / Cunreur Currier
Curer Cures tobacco
Curretter Broker
Currier Curriers were dressers of leather for further treatment (cures or tans hides) and were originally linked to the cordwainers
Customer Customs tax collector
Cutler Made or sharpened swords, knives and instruments