Occupations A



Acarter Supplied food provisions, e.g. a ships chandler
Accipitrary Falconer
Accomptant Accountant
Accoucheur / Accoucheus Assisted women in childbirth
Accountrement Maker / Accoutre Supplier of military accessories
Ackerman / Acreman Ploughman, an oxherder
Actuary Kept public accounts of business

Directed the affairs of another

Advertisement Conveyancer Sandwich board man
Advocate Depute Scottish law officer who could act as a public prosecutor
Advowee Normally a nobleman, who had the right to present a clergyman to a benefice
Aeronaut Balloonist or a trapeze artist in the circus or music halls
Affeeror Official in the manorial courts who assessed the monetary penalty and also collected taxes and dues and were also called Assessor
Ag. Lab. Enumerators' directions for the 1841 census advised 'time may be saved, by writing the following words, shortly thus, ...Ag. Lab for Agricultural Labourer...'
Agister Official of the Royal Forests or in the New Forest it is the title for the one in charge of the ponies
Alabasterer Worked with alabaster
Alblastere Crossbow man
Alchemist Medieval forerunner of the science of chemistry, concerned mainly with the attemp to transmute base metal into gold
Alderman Senior councillor one position down from Mayor in the local council
Ale Draper An Innkeeper
Ale Taster Tested ale and beer for quality first recored in 1377 in London. Appointed by the Manor and forerunner of the Inspector for Weights & Measures
Ale Tunner Employed by the brewery to fill ale casks (tuns} with ale
Ale-Conner / Ale Founder Official who tested quality and measure of ale served in public houses
Alewife Woman who keeps an alehouse or tavern
All Spice Name for a grocer
Almanac Man Official appointed by the Court of Sewers who warned the inhabitants of the Trent River area of higher than normal tides
Almoner Gave out alms or charity to the poor on behalf of the parish
Almsman Received alms
Alnager Official who examined the quality of woolen goods and stamped them with the town seal of approval
Amanuensis Secretary or stenographer
Amber & Jet Cutter Cut and polished amber for jewelry
Amber Cutter Cut ambergris
Ambler Officer of the Royal Stable who broke in horses
Amen Man Parish clerk
Anchor Smith Made anchors
Anchoress Female hermit or religious recluse
Anchorite Male hermit or religious recluse
Angle Iron Smith Made angle iron ie. flat iron bars bent at right angles lengthways
Anilepman Smallholder (tenant of the manor)
Ankle Beater Young person who helped to drive the cattle to market
Annatto Maker Worked in the manufacture of dyes for paint or printing
Antigropelos Maker Made waterproof leggings
Anvil Smith Made anvils and hammers for blacksmiths
Apiarian Beekeeper
Apothecary Prepared and sold medicines or drugs; pharmacist
Apparitor Official who summoned witnesses in the ecclesiastical courts
Apprentice Was bound to a skilled worker for a specified time to learn a trade
Aproneer Term used in London for a shopkeeper
Apronman Mechanic
Aquarius (Ewar) Waterman
Aquavita Seller Sold alcohol
Archiator Physician
Archil Maker Made a violet dye from lichens, used in the textile industry
Arkwright Skilled craftsman who produced "arks" (wooden chests or coffers)
Armiger Squire who carried the armour of a knight
Armourer Made suits of armour or plates of armour for buildings or ships etc.
Artificer Highly respected skilled or artistic worker or craftsman or one that makes or contrives
Ashman Dustman
Assay Master Determined the amount of gold or silver to go in coins
Assayer Determined the proportions of metal in ore
Auger Maker Made the carpenters augers (used for boring holes in wood)
Aulnager See Alnager
Aurifaber Goldsmith
Avenator (Plantifene) Hay and forage merchant
Avowry Term for the lord of the manor
Axel Tree Maker / Axel Tree Tuner Made axels for coaches and wagons